How To Keep Your Laptop Battery Healthy? – Simple Tips And Tricks

How To Keep Your Laptop Battery Healthy? – Simple Tips And Tricks

Hundreds of millions of individuals use laptops for their jobs. Laptops are a must for everyone, regardless of whether they’re working as a solopreneur or running a medium-sized business. However, it’s not uncommon to run out of laptop battery in the middle of a job or video conference. Many times, we are unable to plug-in our devices because we have left the charger somewhere else or there is no outlet nearby.

When this happens, you’ll need to know how to extend the life of your laptop battery by properly managing the laptop’s power. Initial estimates put the battery life at three to seven hours, although this may be increased by sacrificing some technological qualities and learning how to tinker with things like brightness and multitasking management.

When shopping for a laptop, the predicted laptop battery life may be shown on the product page. As the OCU points out, these manufacturer-provided statistics are obtained under certain conditions of usage (screen brightness, program types, tasks performed, etc.) in order to maximise the device’s autonomy. Moreover a third (32%) of respondents in dependability polls are not pleased with the battery life of their laptop, due to this issue.

Make The Life Of The Laptop Battery More Extended

Fortunately, there are a number of things we can do to extend the Laptop battery life of our laptops. This time away from the charger may be extended by a variety of methods including our own personal activities and techniques, as well as the various operating systems.

On Windows operating system, 

Choose settings>system>battery from the Start menu to conserve your battery life. You may change this default option under Battery Settings, which is activate when the battery level dips below 20%.

Browse the web using Microsoft Edge: Tests have shown that using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 results in battery life that is 36-53% longer between recharges than other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Click on Start, then Settings, Update & Security, Troubleshoot, and finally Power, and then conduct the test.

On Macintosh,

When utilizing the battery, activate the “Slightly dim the screen” option. When the machine isn’t connect to the power source, this preference lets the Mac automatically reduce the screen brightness to 75%.

Remove the option to activate a “Power Nap with battery power” function. As a result of this option, your Mac will not check for iCloud updates while it is in sleep mode.

Select “Optimise video in real-time when consuming battery” from the drop-down list. You may save battery life by watching HDR films in standard dynamic range (SDR) instead of high dynamic range (HDR).

Select “Automatically change graphics mode” from the drop-down menu. This option allows MacBook Pros with several graphics processors to automatically swap between them to maximise battery life.

Additionally, here are some hints:

An important factor in extending the battery life of a laptop is how we use the laptop. As a result, there are a number of methods by which we may significantly extend the battery life of our devices.

Reduce The Brightness Of The Screen

This simple action can extend our battery life by up to two hours. In order to save energy, we may set the screen’s brightness to the absolute lowest, which is very useful when we can’t connect the laptop to an electrical outlet and need to use it.

Keep An Eye Out For Signs Of Overheating

If a laptop gets too hot, it might be a sign that we have too many open tasks or that we’ve been playing. As a result of the processor’s overzealous operation, more electricity is use. In order to extend the battery life, keep the laptop at a comfortable temperature.

Stop Applications From Starting Automatically

Windows Task Manager or Mac System Preferences > Users and Groups > Startup Items are where you may find them. We need to get rid of all the applications that don’t need to be running right away from the start of the system.

Upgrade Your Laptop Battery

Updating the laptop is critical. Manufacturers often provide patches that improve the system’s performance, including improved energy management and longer battery life.